Invitation to the general meeting of members taking place in March 2017

Dear members and future members,

I would like to invite you to our next general meeting of members of the association “Dörfer der Zukunft e. V.”. For the second time, we are going to meet in the “Maibacher Schweiz” community and seminar house in Maibach/Butzbach.

We are looking forward to this meeting which will take place from 24 March until 29 March 2017.

Date:   24 March until 26 March 2017

Place:  “Maibacher Schweiz” seminar house
              Alt Maibach 12
              35510 Butzbach-Maibach


Mitgliederversammlung Dezember 2016

Our new flyer

Inspired by, however not exclusively for “BONN CONFERENCE FOR GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION”, we have designed a new flyer.

There is a German as well as an English version. You are free, no, we encourage you to print it out and spread it among the people!

German version: front, back

English version: front, back

German version

English version