Tanzania, Africa

In spring 2014, two members of the association together with some members of our partner association “Vision Tansania” visited the village of Basuto in order to examine the surrounding area and identify possible locations for a “Village of the Future”.

What concrete measures have been taken?

  • We looked for possible locations for a new well
  • We made suggestions for the improvement of the local water supply provided by the newly-drilled, existing well
  • We assisted the drilling of a new well at the missionary station where we were staying
  • We explored possible resources for future loam buildings
  • Consultation concerning buildings
  • Consultation concerning loam construction
  • We visited a local school and gave some advice concerning the drinking water supply and the use of rainwater; we also gave a presentation about the concept of “Dörfer der Zukunft” [Villages of the Future], namely about the aspect of loam construction
  • We visited a local hospital and asked the doctors about the individual needs of the local population

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