Bericht  2014

Activities in Bolivia

Author: Margot Franken

The idea to found a “Village of the Future” in Bolivia first came up in 2013:

The efforts for the foundation of a Village in India or Tanzania have not been successful so far.
However, there is one of the founding members of the association “Villages of the Future” – Dr.  Margot Franken – who has been living and working in Bolivia for a very long time, namely   since 1985.

In a first step, we outlined the criteria for a “Village of the future”. The location of the village should be in the countryside; acting as a model for other communities and offering job opportunities for young people, it could help to avoid rural exodus in that region. Another important aspect is the integration and inclusion of the local population and their traditions; i.e. we do not want it to be a village “by foreigners for foreigners”. The village should be smoothly embedded into the landscape and make use of traditional forms of settlement and construction as well as of traditional materials. Ideally, the local population will be involved in the construction process. We also seek to cooperate with already existing initiatives. Another central aspect is the spiritual dimension: creating harmony between people and nature and overcoming the competitive system…

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