India, State of Rajasthan, City of Abu Road

In autumn 2014, some members of the association visited the Indian state of Rajasthan, namely near the city of Abu Road, in order to see if it is possible to purchase a piece of land where the first “Village of the Future” can be built.

What concrete measures have been taken?

  • We looked for a location for “Village of the Future”, namely a school (Madhubhan, Abu Road, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad)
  • We explored possible resources for future loam buildings
  • Consultation concerning buildings
  • We gave presentations about the concept of “Dörfer der Zukunft”
  • We talked with possible sponsors
  • We established contacts to local enterprises, craftsmen and distributors of building materials
  • We visited India’s largest Scheffler-reflector solar power plant in order to examine if it is possible to use the method in the “Village of the Future”
  • We established contacts to the local authorities and a number of politicians
  • We established contacts to VW India
  • We presented the principle of composting toilets and its implementation in that area
  • We renovated a school in the slums with the help of donations
  • We visited a school in the slums and gave the people there some advice on measures which could improve the situation
  • We visited several nursery schools in the slums and helped to acquire some furniture and other equipment financed by donations
  • We visited some remote farming villages
  • We visited a village school and presented the planning of a “Villages of the Future” project
  • We visited two hospitals and a mobile medical-care institution which are responsible for an area with a population of 10 million, and we asked the doctors about the individual needs of the local population 

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